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Meet Ed is a project featuring 10,000 unique NFTs from Ed's extraordinary life. Each image is in high resolution (3,000 x 3,000 px) and will be available for sale on the OpenSea platform.

Will it be just one collection of Ed NFTs?

Not really. The first collection we will release will be the roles that Ed played in life. It will be a collection of 9,980 NFTs. After this collection, we will launch an even more exclusive one: Ed Arts, which will be a 1:1 collection of famous paintings that Ed was the inspiration for, which will be the Ed Adamantium category.

When will NFTs be available for purchase?

It will be available soon. But don't worry, we will keep you informed at our Discord server. We look forward to seeing you there!

What do I get with Ed's NFTs?

In total, there are 10,000 NFTs from Ed's life, divided into 5 categories: Bronze Ed, Silver Ed, Golden Ed, Crystal Ed and the rarest one: Adamantium Ed.

Each of these categories has its rarity and its reward for the buyer in different levels and all of the Ed NFT owners will have the right to follow the production of the film on the Discord group.

Asset 6_4x.png

Adamantium Ed

Crystal Ed

Golden Ed

Silver Ed

Bronze Ed

And how do I know which category my Ed's NFT is?

Simple. By eye color. Most of the NFTs in Ed's life have brown eyes, and belong to the Ed Bronze category. The Ed Silver category has blue eyes. The Golden Ed has yellow eyes and only 40 Eds (the Crystal category) have red eyes.
The rarest category is Ed Adamantium, which is a very limited 1:1 collection of Ed's arts.

Crystal Ed


Red eyes
40 NFTs

Golden Ed


Yellow eyes
70 NFTs

Silver Ed


Blue eyes
400 NFTs

Bronze Ed


Brown eyes or glasses
9.470 NFTs

Adamantium Ed | 1:1 collection

Asset 3_4x.png

Ed Art Collection
20 NFTs

Cool! But are there other rarities in the NFTs?

Yep! In addition to eye color, another rarity is Ed's expressions. The vast majority of NFTs appear with Ed in a neutral face, but there are few Eds who smile, wink, or stick their tongues out. These rarities do not define the categories mentioned above, they are just rare :)




Super rare

Got it! But what do I really earn with these categories?

We want you, the owner of Ed NFT, to really be a part of the movie. 

Part of the movie? How??

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