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Meet Leo Garcia - The Screenwriter

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Today you are going to know more about Leo Garcia, the screenwriter of Ed.

Leo has always been a creative child that fell in love with reading and creating stories, he was also a movie enthusiast but didn't know exactly what he wanted to do of his life and what career to pursuit (I believe we can all relate to that). After he discovered the screenwriting world he had that eureka moment and was completely sure that he finally found his place. "After 15 years working as a screenwriter, I'm very grateful I'm able to make a living out of my stories."

Leo was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Has a Master's Degree in Fiction Screenwriting for TV and Cinema (UPSA, Salamanca Spain), his first script was for the TV series Sapore d'Itália in 2011. Leo Garcia is a screenwriter and a producer and dedicates his career to the craft of storytelling.

As a founder and general manager of FRAPA (Festival de Roteiro Audiovisual de Porto Alegre), he created the most important screenwriting festival in Latin America, which is going to have its 10th edition this year. He’s also the mind behind Coelho Voador’s Alfaiataria (tailor shop), a screenwriting lab designed to discover new talents and encourage new writers.

In 2009 he founded the production company Coelho Voador (flying rabbit), and has written a number of feature films, short films and TV shows throughout his career winning several awards. Besides his work as a writer, Leo has also led several writer’s rooms and script-doctored many projects. Let's check out a few, shall we?

Back To '97 - In 1997, four friends are going through a time of discoveries as they reach the peak of adolescence and their hormones start to take over. We witness this story from the point of view of Renato, a shy 15 year-old boy. Along with his friends Moreira, Alemão and Pilha, he comes upon the first doubts and anxieties of youth. And their main goal is to lose their virginity.

Another Empty Space - In wintertime Berlin, two former lovers reunite for the first time since their separation. “Another Empty Space” was selected for over 45 festivals, and received the Outstanding International Film Award at Short Sweet Film Fest (United States), and the awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay at CineSerra 2016.

Old Glories - The year is 1989. The title of Bocce World Champion is held by the Capivara Bocce Club, out of Sereno do Sul. In the deciding moment, however, a single sneeze causes the team to lose and their rivals, Nova Serração, to become the new champions. The Capivara, its days now numbered, disbands soon after. More than twenty years go by before Sereno do Sul once again has a shot at making its triumphant return to the world of Bocce: as hosts of the World Championship. The competition will reopen wounds and bring to light old secrets and intrigues, putting the honor of the entire town on the line.

Leo has a lot more work done in his filmography, so if you are interested to know more, check out his Coelho Voador's website and enjoy, but let's talk about his amazing work on Ed because we have no time to waste and I'm sure you are in a hurry to get to work, drink some coffee or maybe buying some NFTs today, right?!

As you already know, Leo Garcia is the screenwriter of Ed, but what you don't know yet is that he worked together with his brother Gabriel Garcia (The director) to make this dream come true. The process of creating Ed was really intense because they had the challenge to make a movie without dialogues, an animated drama and that told the story about an emotionally broken man (well, rabbit, but you get the idea) that had everything that money and fame had to offer but was still struggling with his mental health.

"The script is a puzzle that constructs the story piece by piece until the end when it all makes sense and we get why this dude got to the point he got. My brother wanted a surprising ending and I believe that we were very happy achieving that"

Leo and Gabriel intentionally left some loose endings exactly to talk about how complex life is and that money does not bring happiness. Mental health is a very important issue and this movie brings awareness to that.

When asked about the Meet Ed NFT Project and the goal to make a feature film Leo showed great excitement about revisiting Ed and stated that they have a long way to find the story's "heart" and the best way to talk about Ed's life.

"It will be a really complex task and I hope to enjoy and have fun through its process. I know that this NFT thing sounds beyond crazy and bold to some people, but I trust a lot in Hype's work and I'm very confident everything is going to work out in a great way. I'm loving to see all the Ed's NFTs that are popping around and is hard to say which one is my favorite so far..."

So that's it! Now you now one of Ed's team members and you can be sure that is someone that know what is doing and has great references to believe that this feature film is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Let's get it to the mooooooooooon!

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