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YOU, part of the film. Literally.

That's what you just have read. You, dear owner of Ed's NFT, will be entitled to incredible rewards within the movie. Check below all the rewards you will have right to, according to your NFT category (want to know what your category is? check here).

Wooow! Are these rewards cumulative?

Hmm, sorry but no. Each category entitles only the reward assigned to it. Want to have your name and your NFT in the movie? Just buy both categories ;)
The only reward that everyone that purchase the NFT have access is the siganture in the trophy.

Nicee! But wait, what happens if I sell my NFT before the movie?

Well, that's the tricky part. If you sell your NFT before we start pre-production of the movie, you'll also sell your Ed reward and pass that on to the next buyer. An important detail: all these rewards will only be validated until the date we start pre-production on the film, and for now we don't have that date. You will be able to follow our achievements in the roadmap area.

Got it. So, what if you can't get the money to make the movie? What happens to my reward if the movie doesn't exist?

That's a great question. We cannot guarantee that we will raise all necessary funds from the film from the sale of the NFTs. We're aware of that, but we have alternative ways to fund the film if that happens. Each step that we have financed and executed, is an increase in the chance that we have to present the project to possible private investors or streaming platforms (it will be better to knock on Netflix's door saying that we already have 2M USD secured instead of arriving there with empty pockets).

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