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Get to know his life. 

The extraordinary life that he wants to leave behind...

Meet Ed is a NFT project to bring together  some of the many lifes lived by Ed.  Each one telling a piece of Ed's extraordinary life and a role  he played in his career.


Meet Ed is a project to raise funds for the production of the animated feature film of Ed.

Ok... but who the hell is Ed?! 

Ed lived an extraordinary life with a thousand lives in one. He was a successful actor and played many roles in life, but even though he had everything that money and fame can bring, Ed still struggled with his mental health. The story of the awarded-short film Ed was released in 2013 by the Brazilian animation studio Hype.

The film has more then 3 million views online and it was selected for more than 100 festivals around the globe, receiving 30 awards and international recognition.


Watch the animated short movie and find out for yourself

watch short

Now that the short is almost completing 10 years, our intention with the MEET ED NFT Project is to raise funds to produce the feature film and give life to the complete story it deserves. This will be the first Web3 animated film with collaboration of its holders.



till then, join our community at

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