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How did the idea for MEET ED came up?

We have an old dream of producing the “Ed” feature film (our award-winning animated short film was released 10 years ago). We know that funding an animated film is not an easy task, and we saw the possibility of putting together an NFT campaign using the possibilities of this technology. The Ed NFT fit like a glove, as Ed is an actor, and he has lived a thousand lives. With this campaign, we want to reproduce some of the 10,000 roles that Ed has played in his life.

What is ED NFT Project?

ED NFT Project is a collection of 10K NFTs that will be available on OpenSea. Each NFT contains a different role that Ed interpreted in his life. The goal of this project is selling the NFTs to raise funds to produce the animated feature film of “Ed”. And you, owner of one of these NFTs can be part of it! New collections can be released to achieve this goal. We already have a 1:1 collection also ready for release.

Where do I buy Ed NFTs?

Ed's Life NFTs are for sale only on the OpenSea platform. Don't know how to use this platform? Click here

Who is on the team?

The team is made up of artists from the Brazilian animation studio Hype. More information at

Will all the MeetEd NFTs have the same floor prices at launch?

Nope. We will be releasing 5 different categories: Adamantium, Crystal Ed, Golden Ed, Silver Ed and Bronze ED (more info on REWARDS). Each of these categories we will launch with a different value. We also intend to do a gradual release, so the price may vary depending on the release date.

Is MeetEd NFT a good invest for me?

If you are a fan of good art, I would say yes (in addition to accompanying and even being part of a movie!). But if you just want quick cash, we don't recommend buying our NFT. We don't have a whitelist, and we don't want to speculate to increase the values of our NFTs. We want to make a movie and that is the main goal. Just that.

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