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Yeah! Your message on the ED TROPHY!

By purchasing one of th NFT of Ed's life, in addition to the in-film rewards (see more here), you will earn the right to sign your name on Ed's virtual trophy, and leave your name and message immortalized for the archaeologists of the Metaverse.

Ed trophy not visible in mobile version. Please visit this link.

That's nice, but what am I going to do with this virtual trophy?!

You, we don't know. We will add this trophy somewhere in the movie. We will also 3D print this trophy and leave it as a thank you to all our Ed NFT owners at the entrance of our headquarters. 

Got it, and how am I going to sign this virtual trophy?

After you purchase an NFT from Ed, you will receive a link to leave your message for Ed in a specific field. In up to 3 days, your name will be here in all of its glory.

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