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Ed's story begins here

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

It was a dream, not just from one person, but from a whole team. The task to make an animated drama wasn't easy, but definitely passionate and after a lot of work came to life. Ed is an actor that lived through a lot and sadly (like a lot of people) struggled with his mental health. In the short animated film we get to know his life and almost get to feel what he is feeling.

Study of expressions and character development

ED. is a short 3D animation of approximately 14 minutes long. The script was one of the 20 selected by the Cultural Ministry's Short Movies Call for Entries 2010, amongst 900 submissions. The project was Hype's first experience in the cinematographic business. ED. was an extremely ambitious project, with the co-production of Coelho Voador, together with animation school On Fire. The film was selected for 103 festivals in 33 countries, winning 28 awards.

Check out the breakdown of ED.

And now... let's take a trip down to memory lane and remember our team during Ed'short development.

Did you like it? Awesome right?

We are really excited to share every part of this amazing project with you so, this way, you get to know us and Ed better. Let's make a movie!

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